German Cases and Gender

Cases (Kasus)

Cases are known in German as Kasus [ˈkaːzʊs]. German contains four cases such as the Nominative, Accusative, Dative, and Genitive.

Nominative can be used for the subject of a Verb

Accusative can be used for the direct object of a Verb

Dative can be used for the Indirect object of a Verb

Genitive can be used to denote possession

Gender (Genus)

Gender is called Genus [ˈgeːnʊs] in German. German nouns contain three genders, such as the masculine, the feminine and the neuter.

The gender of the noun precedes nouns with the definite article as follows:

Genderdefinite article

It is important to remember the gender of the nouns with their corresponding articles, as they can be anything from masculine to feminine to neuter.